IT Cell
IT Cell
Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya
Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat, Haryana (India) Pin- 131305

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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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About Us

As all are aware that the IT infrastructure is the most critical technical asset of any government organization.

IT Cell BPSMV aims to secure the IT infrastructure (Hardware & Software) like computers, desktops, laptops, tablets, firewall hardware, End point protection systems, IPS (intrusion prevention  system), IDS (intrusion detection system) etc. It Cell is ensuring the appropriate configuration of security systems (e.g. firewalls).

It is recognized that it is impossible to prevent all security incidents at such security devices. Therefore, we make need to apply multiple security controls/ processes for security incident prevention, detection and response. In this matter IT Cell is maintaining important security controls such as Data Backup and Security patches/ updates on IT systems regularly.

IT Cell BPSMV is doing following works:

  1. Ensuring regularly backup of important Data from Server/ Desktop systems on a separate media/ hard drive.
  2. Installing Server/ Applications latest security updates/ patches.
  3. Configuring the security devices such as firewall, and point protection system, IPS/IDS etc.
  4. Maintaining the dashboard and reports of such security devices regularly.
  5. Tracing out any public IP having evasive behavior or involved in malfunction on firewall.
  6. Auditing all web applications once a year or upon modification/ addition of new functionality/ page/ module.


  1. Mrs. Sonal, Associate Professor, CSE/IT,  Convenor
  2. Mr. Vikas Malik, Assistant Professor, CSE/IT,  Co-Convenor
  3. Dr. Sandeep Dahiya, Associate Professor, ECE,  Member
  4. Mr. Anil Vohra, Programmer, Member
  5. Mr. Amit Malik, Junior Technician

IT Cell

Mrs. Sonal


Mrs. Sonal


Mr. Vikas Malik


Dr Sandeep Dahiya


Sh. Anil Vohra


Services Offered

  • Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Each Employees and Students


  • To provide the Internet Connectivity in entire University with High Bandwidth through Fiber Optics


  • To provide the Wi-Fi Connectivity in entire University with High Bandwidth through


  • Maintenance of Internet and Wi-Fi Devices of the University


  • Governance & Services on Demand


  • Digital Empowerment of Students as well as University Staff

  • e-Innovation / R&D:  Implementation of R&D Framework – Enabling creation of Innovation/ R&D Infrastructure in emerging areas of ICT&E/Establishment of mechanism for R&D translation

  • e-Learning:  Providing support for development of e-Skills and Knowledge network

  • e-Security: Securing BPSMV Campus space

  • e-Inclusion: Promoting the use of ICT for more inclusive growth

  • Internet Governance:  Enhancing BPSMV Campus role in Global Platforms of Internet Governance.






MDU Facilities

National Knowledge Network (NKN)

The BPSMV has been connected with NKN the multi gigabit nationwide network, acts as the National Education Research Network (NREN) of the country. NKN empowers Digital India, as it is the primary backbone for all e-Governance initiatives in the country. It is the only network globally, that carries R&E, Internet and e-Governance traffic as independent verticals under one umbrella. NKN has multiple 10G links that are combining a core bandwidth of close to 1000G, providing secured and highly resilient connectivity across major Institutions for research, education and e-Governance.

NKN has a strong backbone connectivity with 31 Points of Presence (PoPs) in various State Capitals and 92 core links connected with meshed topology. Moreover, currently over 700 Gigabits (reaching a peak of 5 Petabytes) of data is flowing within the NKN backbone every day. Over 40 links (premium Institutes, SDC (State Data Centres) & SWAN of many states) have been upgraded to 10 Gbps. 

MDU Facilities

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing facilitates direct interaction with concerned stake holders and save time & Money. Video conferencing services are being used for monitoring of various Tele-education and Launching of new schemes etc. NIC’s Video Conferencing services are being extensively used by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Union Ministers, Governors, Chief Ministers of states, Cabinet Secretary and Chief Secretaries, Chief Information Commissioner, Vice-Chancellor of the University and various other senior officials across country. The IT Cell is also providing web-based desktop as well as IP Based video conferencing services to users of various departments of Central Government & State Governments.

Contact us

Contact Us:-

Ms. Sonal Beniwal


Server Room, 103, 1st Floor,

Teaching Block - II, Dept. CSE and IT,

Faculty of Engineering & Technology,

Email:- itcell@bpswomenuniversity.ac.in